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Our Ingredients

Single-Origin Fine Flavour Cacao

All our couvertures we use for our chocolates at Fifth Dimension Chocolates are single origin cacao, which means that they come from one country or one specific area within a country. You can find out more about the origin of our single-origin cacao.

To go one step further, we only use fine flavour (fino de aroma) cacao - this is a denomination from the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)* classification. Only around 8% of the cocoa produced in the world is Cacao Fino de Aroma, which has an exquisite aroma and flavour profile. 


Other Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients as far as we can, and opt for dried/frozen ingredients and natural-based essence if it is not practical to source in fresh ingredients for our filled chocolates. We take care in where we source in our ingredients - in some cases, we grow our own; for example, our award-winning "Genoa" (basil chocolate), the basil comes from our own greenhouse (unless we cannot grow them quick enough to meet the demand).

We do not use artificial flavouring nor preservative in any of our chocolates.


We often get asked about certain certification on our chocolates, and so here are some of the frequently-asked questions. Please also visit our allergen information page and the dietary information page if you have certain allergies or dietary restrictions (eg gluten-free, diabetic/sugar-free etc) 

Do you use Fairtrade chocolate?

With Mr Martinez, one of our cacao farmers in Colombia and he manages the Association of Small Cocoa Farmers in the municipal of Campoalegre

We strive to source our chocolates from companies that have clear policies on sustainability, fair purchasing, traceability and corporate social responsibilities. 

The manufacturers of our Colombian and Bolivian chocolate couvertures works directly with the cacao farmers and the small cooperatives run by the farmers, and the cacao are paid based on the prices in the international cacao stock market. We use premium grade cacao for our chocolates and these are being paid at a percentage above this stock-market-linked price. As the manufacturers work directly with the farmers, the farmers get a fair price for the cacao they grow, without the financial burden of certification to demonstrate the fair trade.

We visited our supplier and some of the farmers in Colombia, to see first-hand how they work together. The picture here is with Mr Martinez who runs the local association of small cacao producers in the municipal of Campoalegre, and he is also a cacao farmer.


Are any of your chocolates organic?

For our Colombian chocolates, most of the cacao plantations use the shells from the cacao pods and the leaves from the trees as compost and the soil is fertilised this way. The farmers do not use chemicals for disease and pest control. 

For our Bolivian chocolates, the cacao are grown in the wild (on small islands scattered along the rivers in the Amazon basin), unlike most of the other cacao in the world which are cultivated on plantations or estates.

While our chocolates do not have the organic certification, it does not mean that they are not "organic" by nature.

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