Our Story

Fifth Dimension Chocolates is an internationally-renowned British chocolatier / caramelier specialising in luxury handmade chocolates and caramel sauces. The aim is to create a sensory experience in fine chocolates, by combining classic and unusual flavours with premium, fine flavour (fino de aroma) single origin cocoa. The chocolate products and caramel sauces can be ordered online and delivered by post through the web shop.

This London-based company was founded in 2013 by Russell Pullan and Albert Chau - both are self-taught when it comes to chocolate-making and flavour development. The company has won over 50 awards including International Chocolate Awards, Academy of Chocolate Awards and Great Taste Awards.



We are a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, and also Federation of Small Businesses. We are also part of Make Mine Fine - a collective of chocolate makers and chocolatiers craft extraordinary products from premium chocolate and other natural ingredients from around the world.

FCIA MemberMember of Federation of Small Businesses Make Mine Fine - a collective of chocolate makers and chocolatiers craft extraordinary products from premium chocolate and other natural ingredients from around the world.


Russell Pullan (Co-Founder & Head Chocolatier) - His Story

Russell Pullan - Co-founder & Head Chocolatier at Fifth Dimension Chocolates

“Having worked in the media industry for over 20 years, I decided to change my career path completely at the age of 49 and set up Fifth Dimension Chocolates.

My chocolate journey began in 2006 when I was given Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s book “The Chocolate Conoisseur” – it opened my eyes and introduced me to the world of fine quality chocolates. Before that I had always wondered why some people were prepared to pay more for some chocolates when I could get the same quantity for a fraction of the price from supermarket shelves. The book instantly converted me and I finally understood the difference between bulk/commodity cacao and fine flavour cacao, and why some spent more on the latter.

Since then I have taught myself how to make chocolates and experiment with different ingredients and flavours as a hobby. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing friends’ happy faces when they received my handmade chocolates and sampled them. Over the years, many friends suggested that I should sell the chocolates, and so in 2013 when I decided to give up the job in the media, the next natural step for me is to become a chocolatier.

For my chocolates, some are ones you may expect, others may be a surprise, but each one is all part of a sensory adventure. I want everyone to join me on my journey and enjoy it as much as I have. Welcome on board!”


Albert Chau (Co-Founder & General Manager) - His Story

Albert Chau - Co-founder & General Manager of Fifth Dimension Chocolates"My background is in clinical research: designing and analysing clinical trials in therapies for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. I always have an interest in food and love eating chocolates, though I would never have dreamt of having my own chocolate company until a few years ago.

I consider myself pretty adventurous in food. When I go abroad, I would always do my homework beforehand to find out about the local cuisine. I also love eating out and discovering good food - whether it's a new combination of flavours or it's simply using fresh, good quality ingredients to produce a classic dish. At home I enjoy cooking - I rarely follow recipes as I tend to cook from my heart.

Being a scientist, I am naturally fascinated by food science. Although I have an interest in molecular cuisine for years, I consider having high quality ingredients as the crucial factor for good food. As I come from an industry that's heavily regulated, the importance of quality control, sourcing raw materials and social responsibility is all ingrained in me.

These are all the ethos I insist on having at Fifth Dimension. Looking forward to having you as one of our travel companions in our journey of flavours."