Advent Calendar

If you are one of the recipients for our Advent Calendar, welcome on board. We will be taking you on a flavour journey around the world in the run-up to Christmas. Each of our filled chocolates is named after a place in the world - while enjoying the chocolate each day, you can also read more about the story behind each chocolate on our website. Each day we promise something different for you to discover - a supplier we have worked with, or a small business we would recommend (some have been very generous and provide us some special discounts or deals!), or a recipe that inspires us to make some of our chocolates, or simply a few travel tips!

There are multiple ways to access our online content on our website:

Method 1: Scan the QR Code that comes with your Advent Calendar Chocolate Box

You will need your phone or tablet with the QR code scanner installed, in order to access the web page this way.

Note that we have found some QR code scanners are so sensitive that they sometimes scan the neighbouring code when you move the phone/tablet over the card - the trick is to cover the neighbouring codes above and below the one you want to scan first with your fingers and then scan the one you want:


Alternatively you can use the next method to access our web content...

Method 2: Type in URL on your browser

If you are on a desktop computer or you simply want to type in the address on your preferred browser even on a mobile device, you can do so by using , where X is the day number. Or we are providing you with all the links here for the 25-chocolate and 48-chocolate boxes:

25-Chocolate Box

Day 5 Day 18 Day 19 Day 13 Day 22
Day 23 Day 8 Day 6 Day 15 Day 7
Day 16 Day 2 Day 25 Day 21 Day 4
Day 10 Day 24 Day 11 Day 3 Day 12
Day 1 Day 9 Day 20 Day 17 Day 14

48-Chocolate Box

(Note that you get 2 pieces of each flavour, and the configuration is the mirror image regardless of which way you look at the box in the landscape perspective)

Day 22 Day 1 Day 11 Day 17 Day 7 Day 4 Day 16 Day 13
Day 15 Day 8 Day 19 Day 2 Day 24 Day 14 Day 6 Day 18
Day 9 Day 20 Day 5 Day 23 Day 12 Day 21 Day 3 Day 10


Method 3: Paper Method

There's a sealed green envelope in your Advent Calendar box! We have designed this method for the technophobes who want the traditional paper method, to reveal which chocolate is for which day. However, our calendar is far more than about a piece of chocolate each day - you really don't know what you are missing until you join us on this virtual journey on the website also!