Bespoke Corporate Gifts

One of our clients likes to give out chocolates to their customers celebrating special occasions, and the client would like to have their bespoke chocolate boxes with their own branding. As the client only has the expertise in the design of the graphics but not in the packaging aspects, we have managed the whole process for them - working with the packaging company to create the boxes, creating the information leaflets, as well as creating specially- designed chocolates to go with the brand.

Bespoke Chocolate Boxes - Corporate GiftsCorporate Gifts - Bespoke Chocolate Boxes

With this client, we have a long working relationship with them. Therefore, for the bespoke packaging, they can take advantage of ordering them in volume upfront, and thus the lower cost by ordering in bulk means that they can spend more on better-quality packaging. We have a good appreciation of their brand, and so we can create bespoke chocolates for them that align with their style.

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