A Chocolate called Helsinki - Sourdough & Salt

A Chocolate called Helsinki - Sourdough & Salt

Published by Albert Chau on 20th Sep 2020

It's beautiful when the stars are aligned in chocolate creation. Our new chocolate "Helsinki" is one of those.

In February 2019, we spent a long weekend in the beautiful Finnish capital - I happened to be in Finland for a work meeting on a Friday, and we thought it would be nice to extend the stay and spend a weekend in Helsinki as we had never been before. It was one of the coldest weekends - even the locals said that it's unusually cold and there was a lot of snow, and the sea was more or less completely covered in sea ice.

Helsinki Harbour

As usual, we checked out a lot of the food places. One place that we enjoyed visiting was the Old Market Hall (Vanha Kauppahalli) by the harbour - there were a lot of stalls selling all sorts of local produce. We were drawn to an array of bread at different stalls and also at the cafe in the middle of the market hall, so we decided to enjoy our breakfast there whilst soaking in the atmosphere. The sourdough there was so delicious, and that's when we thought "wouldn't it be nice to make a filled chocolate with a sourdough flavour?"

Old Market Hall (Vanha Kauppahalli) in Helsinki

Then later on in the year, Pump Street Chocolate approached us for a collaboration, to turn some of their chocolate bars into bonbons format, and one of the bars was their sourdough and salt. Immediately this brought back our memory of Helsinki. And this year, we decided to welcome the sourdough and salt chocolate into our filled chocolate collection, and naturally we have to name it Helsinki.

This chocolate has a dark chocolate ganache made with Ecuadorian cacao and cream infused with sourdough. The shell is dark chocolate with sourdough crumbs incorporated in it - this makes the tempering and the moulding more challenging, and you may notice that the shells may not be so even because of the breadcrumbs in the chocolate itself.

Helsinki is now available in our Personal Selection Boxes.

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