​A Trio of Salt Caramel Chocolates

​A Trio of Salt Caramel Chocolates

Published by Albert Chau on 8th Aug 2019

Earlier this year, we brought out 3 limited edition Easter eggs with caramel fillings, and that’s the prelude of our three new chocolates. The fillings are all very similar, with slight variations to match with the 3 types of chocolate – the caramel is made with panela sugar (more on that later):

  • Copenhagen” is salt & malt caramel in dark chocolate
  • Oslo” is salt caramel in milk chocolate
  • Stockholm” is salt & malt caramel in white chocolate

Trio of Salt Caramel Chocolates - Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen

When we travelled around Scandinavia, we have noticed that they loved their caramels just as much as the Brits do. We also love their bread which has a malt flavour in there. A lot of the food has a salt flavour due to the way they preserve their food for the long harsh winters – and in case you think salt is just salty, you can’t be more wrong. Different salts have different flavours, and that’s what we have discovered in Scandinavia.

So naturally we wanted to combine all these flavours that remind us of the three different capitals in Scandinavia in our chocolates:

  • For our salt, we have chosen to use the Cornish sea salt. We wanted to stay British with this ingredient, and we love Cornwall a lot (we usually go there at least once a year just for an eating trip!). The Cornish sea salt is something we use even in our home-cooking.
  • For the caramel, instead of just using white sugar to make the caramel, we have opted for panela sugar, an unrefined sugar made from evaporated sugar cane juice in Colombia. If you have tried our award-winning Bogota (Coffee Panela Caramel chocolate), you would know that caramel made with panela sugar has an extra layer of depth in the flavour – it has a rich molasses flavour but it also tastes less sweet. Not many people use panela to make caramel in the UK, because it’s not so well-known, and also it’s easier to burn the sugar when you make caramel using panela.

During our product development, we would usually try the filling with a range of dark, milk and white chocolate, and choose the most suitable chocolate to match the filling. However, when we developed our salted caramel Easter eggs earlier this year, we found that our caramel filling actually worked really well in all 3 types of chocolate, and so we decided that we would use all 3 types of chocolates for one flavour!

Since then, we wanted to incorporate malt into the filling, and we have found that the addition of malt improves the flavour of the caramel by adding yet another dimension to the flavour (a slight nutty note) and matches even better with dark and white chocolate! For the milk chocolate, while the malt in the caramel works well too, we have found that the flavour profile has a slight edge when it’s just salt caramel.

How did we decide which city is which chocolate? We have always associated Stockholm with white chocolate – probably because the last few trips to Stockholm, it’s always snowing! We have found that the city of Oslo was a bit more mellow and our association with that city is therefore a milk chocolate. Copenhagen has that “ummph” and that’s why we have gone for dark chocolate.

You can find all 3 chocolates in our Personal Selection Boxes of 12 chocolates and 18 chocolates.

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