Advent Calendars with A Difference

Advent Calendars with A Difference

Published by Albert Chau on 1st Nov 2020

For the first time, we have brought out advent "calendars" in the run-up to Christmas. As we always like to do things differently at 5D, our advent chocolate boxes are not going to have the little windows that you open each day!

Instead, we have embraced technology and used QR codes to give you a more interesting experience each day in December in the run-up to Christmas. As you know, each of our filled chocolates is named after a place in the world, and we would like to take you on a little virtual tour each day to the featured city/place!

While you enjoy the chocolate each day, you can scan the QR code for the corresponding day, and it will take you to that day's page on our website. The page is not just about our chocolate - it could be a short guided tour of the place (in case you want to start planning your holiday when the world opens up again), or our own story about the place, or a recipe that inspires us the flavour in the chocolate. While there are so many restrictions, we hope to take you around the world virtually, all in the comfort of your own home!

If you don't want to join in the fun with the technology, we will also include our usual chocolate menu and also a piece of paper containing the list of chocolates, so you can still count down to Christmas with us. However, the real fun with our advent calendar is actually what you access online!

There are 2 different boxes available:

  • The 25-Chocolate Advent Chocolate Box is the more standard box for one person.
  • The 48-Chocolate Advent Chocolate Box is perfect for two people in the household, so you don't have to fight who eats the bigger half of the chocolate each day - each of you can have one whole piece! (And of course, if you are on your own, we won't question you if you want to have this larger box, so you can dose yourself with the chocolate twice a day!

For both boxes, you can also add a personal message on the box for free - perfect if you want to send it to someone else (remember we can ship it directly to the recipient too, so you don't have to send it to yourself and then forward on)! They are available now online for pre-orders, and we will send them out from 08 November 2020 onwards.

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