Collaboration with Pump Street Chocolate

Collaboration with Pump Street Chocolate

Published by Albert Chau on 1st Dec 2019

A few months ago, Suffolk-based Pump Street Chocolate asked if we would be interested in developed some bonbons that reflect the flavours of their delicious chocolate bars, to be sold at their shop in Orford. We have always been a fan of Pump Street, especially their flavoured chocolate bars such as sourdough & sea salt. We were so honoured to be asked and we didn't even have to think twice (well, after getting over the shock of being asked) before we said yes to this collaboration.

If you think that it's easy to turn the flavoured bars into filled chocolates by just melting the chocolate and molding into bonbons, think again. To make bonbons, we have to create the ganache as the filling, and as some of the chocolates use bread or baked goods as inclusion, this would make the bread go soft. Also the flavour balance in a chocolate bar would work differently to bonbons, and so we have to develop recipes that work for filled chocolates whilst maintaining the flavour style similar to the chocolate bar! Both Pump Street and we are happy with the end results.

So far, we have created 3 flavoured chocolates and 2 unflavoured dark chocolates:

  • Eccles
  • Sourdough
  • Rye bread & Salted Caramel
  • Madagascar (unflavoured dark chocolate ganache)
  • Jamaica (unflavoured dark chocolate ganache)

These chocolates are available at the Pump Street Chocolate shop in Orford, but not everyone can make a special trip to Suffolk. Therefore, for a limited time this month (December 2019), we are making these available on our website also - you can choose between a box of 5 chocolates, and a box of 18 chocolates. Note that there will only be a limited number of boxes from our website, and once they are gone, they will not be available for a while.

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