Coronavirus / Covid-19 - Changes to Our Services

Coronavirus / Covid-19 - Changes to Our Services

Published by Albert Chau on 22nd Mar 2020

[Updated on 29 June 2020 - updated text in red]

With the coronavirus situation around the world and following the principles of government guidance, here are some of the steps we are taking so that you are aware of the changes we are implementing to safeguard our customers as well as ourselves:

Production / Packing

We are still making chocolates and taking orders!

Only Russell and Albert are on premise when we are making or packing chocolates. We do not allow anyone else outside Fifth Dimension Chocolates to be present on our premise unless absolutely necessary - all external visitors' names and dates/times of entry will be logged in case we need to trace the individuals for any reasons.

We will now also put your products in zip-lock bags or sealed in bags, before placing them in shipping boxes or envelopes. After you have received and open the outer package/box, we recommend that you clean the sealed bag with wipe/cloth first, before opening the bag and taking the products out of the bag. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching the chocolates.

Currently we are offering both Royal Mail First Class service as well as Courier Next-Day Delivery (using FedEx or DHL). If the weather becomes warmer, we will do our best to pack the products with additional ice packs and wrapping and we may suspend Royal Mail First Class service and switch to courier next-day delivery only, to ensure the chance of heat damage to the chocolates is reduced to a minimum. 

Please make sure that when the products arrive at your home, do not leave the package in direct sunlight or outdoors. If you want us to place the instruction on leaving the package somewhere, we will not be responsible for any damages or loss.

Shipping & Delivery

For UK deliveries, we will dispatch our products every day from Monday to Thursday. 

Currently we have suspended all deliveries to Europe and USA, until further notice.

We may have to stop taking orders for delivery to certain destinations if further restrictions on goods are imposed by different countries. If you have placed the order but we cannot ship the products to your recipient's country, we will either credit your account for future purchases or we can refund your order - we will contact you and ask for your preference should this happen.


The UK Government has published a guidance on what you need to know about coronavirus and food.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products or service, you can always contact us via our contact form or on social media such as TwitterFacebook or Instagram, or you can give us a call on 020 3129 3387. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

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