Every City Has A Story.... We Tell It In Chocolate!

Every City Has A Story.... We Tell It In Chocolate!

Published by Albert Chau on 26th Aug 2018

Have you noticed that every chocolate in our filled chocolate collection is named after a city in the world? (Well, apart from Grytviken - there's no city in Antarctica, the 7th continent!)

We love travelling, and often we get inspiration for our chocolates when we are in a foreign place, experiencing the exotic ingredients and new flavour combinations. Sometimes it's the surrounding, or even the people we meet, that give us ideas on the flavour of a new chocolate. We want to share our travel stories and experience with you, and we believe that the best way is through tasting our chocolates.

"When it comes to flavour, there are no borders.... and when it comes to taste, there are no boundaries" 

This is our motto in cooking, and that's what we believe in when it comes to developing new chocolates. We love pushing the boundaries when it comes to flavour, whether it's "Hong Kong" (Soy Caramel)"Cape Town" (Curry & Raisins)"Meaux" (Wholegrain Mustard) or "Montreal" (Brie). In September we'll be bringing out another new unusual flavour - you'll have to wait for a bit longer to find out what it is, but the white chocolate at the front in this video is the look of this chocolate.

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