Our Flavour Story: Penang (Pandan Chocolate)

Published by Russell Pullan on 20th Feb 2014

Christmas 2013 has been and gone, we have all been on a diet and joined a gym. Now it's time to take a step back and evaluate all we have achieved and have a treat. Go on have a chocolate; “Which one I hear you say? There are so many. Here’s a little about one of my chocolates you may not know too much about. My ‘Penang’ - Pandan chocolate is a little different.

Pandan is a tropical plant with long green leaves, grown in South East Asia. Pandan is from the Pandanus, often called Pandanus palms, although not closely related to palm trees, and also known as Pandan or Screwpine. I first came across Pandan in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The leaf is used to add a distinct aroma to rice dishes, and a paste can be made and added to desserts, Pandan cake is very popular and has a green colour.

Its flavour characteristics are nutty and after tasting some dishes in South East Asia I just knew this would work with chocolate. At first I thought it would work better with a milk chocolate which would add a little sweetness. When the Pandan leaf is infused into cream it has a rather bitter taste, but after trying it with milk and dark chocolate, I found Its nutty aromas exquisitely enhance the slightly bitter, oakwood and spice flavours of the 60% Grenada chocolate bean.

A journey to the East awakened my taste buds to the possibilities of this exotic blend. My Penang chocolate is a fascinating fusion of East and West - and a new horizon for me, and hopefully for you, in my chocolate adventure.

This is just one of my many flavours; keep an eye out for more on the other flavours already in my collection and a few more new ones to be released soon.

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