Our Flavour Story: Tea-inspired Chocolate (Part 1) - Chrysanthemum

Published by Russell Pullan on 11th May 2014

After the Chocolate festivals in Brighton, Bristol, London & Oxford this Easter, I was asked many times “How do I come up with the flavours I use in the chocolates” and “where do I get my inspiration from.” Ideas come and go all the time and in different situations, I can’t answer for all of the chocolates I make in one go but I can tell you about how I came up with the Chrysanthemum Hangzhou chocolate. 

While visiting Hangzhou in China, the surrounding area seemed to be dedicated to tea plantations growing tea trees, but one of the popular teas from Hangzhou is Chrysanthemum flower tea. This I tasted amongst many other teas, many times. Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea, also known as chamomile, there are a few varieties, such as the yellow flower and the white flower Chrysanthemum. The white chrysanthemum flowers give a much more deeper flavour and these I use in my chocolate ganache. The strong and quite bitter taste of the flowers when infused with cream compliment the dark chocolate I use both in the ganache and the outer shell beautifully.

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