Our Flavour Story: Tea-Inspired Chocolate (Part 2) - Jasmine

Published by Russell Pullan on 30th Jun 2014

The inspiration for Jasmine chocolate came from China, however, I have been drinking Jasmine tea for many years both at home and in Chinese Restaurants here in the UK. When visiting China I had pure Jasmine flower tea, made entirely from flowers, and not with black tea added. This is where I got to taste the true taste of Jasmine tea and once again inspired me to use the pure flowers in a chocolate ganache. I had previously tried using Jasmine tea with black tea in it to make a ganache and wasn’t pleased with the result. It was only after using dried Jasmine flowers alone I managed to get this chocolate recipe just right. The flavour is a more subtle flavour than the Chrysanthemum, really working well with the milk chocolate I use for the ganache and the chocolate shell giving a nice Jasmine sensation of pure flower and then as it melts you get that lovely silky slightly milky taste of the milk chocolate to finish on.

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