Piet Mondrian and Chocolates

Piet Mondrian and Chocolates

Published by Russell Pullan, Albert Chau on 9th Oct 2017

This year the organiser of the Chocolate Show asked if we would like to participate in the Choco L'Art exhibition at the show. We are not artists in any shape or form, but we thought that it would be a fun challenge for ourselves.

It didn't take us long to come up with our choice of artist - Piet Mondrian. He's one of the few artists that we both like. 

There are many Mondrian's masterpieces that we can choose from, and in the end we have settled for one of the most classic ones - Composition in Red, Blue & Yellow (1930), partly because we have a large reproduction of this picture hanging on the wall in the house! So we can refer to it when we construct the chocolate version. In our opinion, this is probably one of the most iconic art pieces by Mondrian also.

Instead of just a flat 2-dimensional painting, we decided to go with a 3-dimensional approach to give it a new perspective. Some of our chocolates already resembles the colours in the painting, e.g. Orleans (Raspberry & Chambord) for the red, Nadiad (Lemon Chutney) for the yellow, and Warsaw (Blackcurrant & Pernod) for the blue. However, since the later paintings by Mondrian were mostly straight lines, we decided to opt for a geometric shape that would allow us to build the picture in a mosaic style.

(Interesting sidenote: many customers have always commented on the geometric shapes of our chocolates and the way we decorate some of our chocolates.... We never realise this until we started making this picture - subconsciously our style is somewhat influenced by Mondrian!)

To build this chocolate Mondrian painting, first we had to make the blank canvas made from white chocolate. Then each piece of chocolate was air-sprayed with coloured cocoa butter to give the vibrant colour (and even the white ones were sprayed with a white cocoa butter to give a more vibrant white colour, rather than just plain white chocolate which was a slightly off-white yellowish colour. Then we assembled the whole picture by placing each piece onto the white canvas. Here's a time-lapse video of the assembly of this picture:

The whole chocolate version of this Mondrian's masterpiece weighs a whooping 8kg (yes, there's quite a lot of chocolate in there). You will be able to see it at the London Chocolate Show this coming weekend, from Friday 13 October to Sunday 15 October. If you come to the show and take a picture of it, don't forget to share it with us on social media, and tag us @5DChocolates.

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