Recreating Eccles Cake in a Chocolate called Manchester

Recreating Eccles Cake in a Chocolate called Manchester

Published by Albert Chau on 20th Jul 2020

Last year we had a collaboration project with Pump Street Chocolate – to create 6 filled chocolates based on their award-winning chocolate bars. We have previously sold 5 of them through our limited edition Pump Street chocolate collection box.

Collaboration with Pump Street Chocolate - Eccles chocolate

One of our most favourite flavours in the collection is the Eccles, and this view was shared by many of our customers based on feedback. So we decided to include this in our filled chocolates collection, and the good news is that you can now select this flavour in our Personal Selection Boxes.

If you have never had Eccles cakes before, it is a round cake made with puff pastry, stuffed with currants that have been soaked in Armagnac, and usually topped with demerara sugar to give it a nice thin sugary-crunch texture. Eccles is a town in Greater Manchester, and therefore we have named this chocolate Manchester.

Manchester - Eccles dark chocolate bonbons by Fifth Dimension Chocolates

In this bonbon, our aim is to keep as close to the original Eccles cake flavour from Pump Street Bakery (and that’s what they do for their Eccles chocolate bar too), but in a chocolate form – so apart from incorporating the flavour in the dark chocolate ganache, there’s a piece of currant in each filled chocolate. In addition, we have recreated the crunchy sweet topping texture in a chocolate by incorporating some sugar crystals in each bonbon. The dark chocolate used is the Ecuadorian chocolate couverture from Pump Street Chocolate.

A few people have said to us “I like this chocolate, but it’s not the typical 5D style!”. This is a very interesting comment, as we don’t know what our typical style is. Some of our chocolates are more cutting-edge and innovative in terms of flavour – but this one has its own challenges when it comes to tempering and molding chocolate, and we are playing more with the texture such as the sugar crunch. We have not decorated this chocolate with colours – in a way, this is a bigger challenge, as we want to showcase the chocolate and the filling and do not want any decoration as a distraction.

Hope you will enjoy this bonbon and discover another side of Fifth Dimension!

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