Small Business Saturday 2014 Launch Event

Published by Albert Chau on 13th Jul 2014

Last year you may remember I was on the Small Business Saturday Tour bus going to 11 Downing Street for afternoon tea, having been featured as Day 81 of the Small Business Saturday 100. What a surreal day that was, but also great fun and a chance to meet some really great people.

Last Tuesday (8th July) I was delighted to be one of seven small businesses invited to the launch event for Small Business Saturday this year, happening across the country on 6th December 2014. It was also an honour to be asked to provide chocolate bars and a selection of Chocwich for the guests at the event. I filled a suitcase full of chocolates and headed down to the British Library for the evening. On arrival I was stopped on entering the building due to a rather large suitcase, but when explaining it was full of chocolate for an event that evening they kindly directed me to the relevant place.

We had a table to showcase some of our products and discuss how we were involved with the Small Business Saturday campaign last year. We spoke to many guests and everyone who tried our new Honey-glazed Peanut Chocwich liked them.

Other businesses who attended the launch event included:

  • Bongaboard - Very interesting handcrafted balance board - who needs to go surfing at the sea when you can do this on dry land?
  • Fire Star Toys - I just love their Lego miniature figures. How these guys manage to get any work done while surrounded by Lego all day long?
  • Cinter Design - Combining interesting design with engineering to create some amazing products and packaging solutions.
  • 100% Natural Foods - Mother & daughter team creating some interesting wheat, gluten and dairy-free food.
  • Cakes With Faces - Despite the name, this is not a cake shop! Amy is the talented artist creating T-shirts and arts inspired by Japan. Her comic book "How To Make Sushi" is funny and yet practical.
  • Essential Print Services - The owner Yvonne Gorman managed to find a balloon that matched with our red colour at 5DChocolates, and I promised her to take a picture of the balloon with our chocolates, so here it is:

The speakers at the event included Michelle Ovens, National Campaign Director; Isabel Oswell, Head of Business and Research Audiences at the British Library; Dan Edelman from American Express; and Chuka Umunna MP (Shadow Business Secretary) who interviewed Yvonne from Essential Print Services. About 50 guests from various business and trade organizations, as well as journalists and media, attended the event.

Afterwards Chuka Umunna MP came over to speak with us and tried our Chocwich. He was interested to find out how I got involved with the Small Business Saturday campaign, and this reminded me of how attending one event can open up many doors. It was an Enterprise Nation event last year where I saw Michelle first speak about The Small Business Saturday campaign. The next thing I knew, 5 months later, I was having afternoon tea at 11 Downing Street. It just goes to show you never where that next opportunity may come from!

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