Small Business Saturday UK - 07 December 2013

Published by Albert Chau on 3rd Dec 2013

We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in Small Business Saturday UK on Saturday 07 December 2013!

sbs-uk-social-icons-180x150.jpgThis Friday (06 December), Russell our head chocolatier will also participate in the event to celebrate the Downing Street conclusion of the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour and the success of great British small businesses. Do say hello to Russell if you are a fellow passenger on the bus or if you are at the Downing Street event also!

As a way to celebrate Small Business Saturday UK, we will be giving away a box of our handmade vanilla marshmallow Chocwich™ to every customer placing an order of over £35 on our online shop on 7th December 2013!

On that day, we will also be researching into new flavours to add to our Chocwich™ collection in 2014. We would love to hear from anyone via Twitter and Facebook on their wonderful ideas of fillings for our Chocwich™ - anyone whose idea makes it to the new collection will be one of the first people to sample the new product in 2014!

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