​The Chocolate Festival 2014 - A Review from the Fifth Dimension side

Published by Albert Chau on 21st Apr 2014

We woke up this Easter Sunday morning with a weird feeling - the first Sunday in a month that we were not attending the Chocolate Festival somewhere in the country!

Thank you to everyone who visited our stall at the Chocolate Festival in Brighton, Bristol, London or Oxford in the past few weeks. It's been a lot of long hours and hard work for us, but we really enjoyed speaking to so many people and introducing them to our handmade chocolate products. Here are a few highlights from us.

(1) We loved seeing the facial reaction of the people when they first read or heard about our "Meaux" (wholegrain mustard chocolate) and "Brighton" (parsnip & lime chocolate), and then when they sampled these filled chocolates, all the "yum" and "wow" sounds of approval! One customer in London loved it so much that he went on to buy a whole box of parsnip & lime chocolates; and at Oxford we were left with one single piece of parsnip & lime chocolate at the end of day 1, that we had to make a new batch overnight just for the second day!

(2) Talking of our unusual flavours of filled chocolates - Martin Evans from BBC Radio Bristol came to the venue to interview us as well as Cocoapassion and Yael Rose (he tried the parsnip & lime chocolate during the interview), and then Ali Vowles in the studio did a live taste test of the wholegrain mustard chocolates whilst on air!

(3) Our Easter eggs attracted quite a lot of attention - they came in a variety of colours, and each egg was completely handmade, so no two eggs were the same. Many of the visitors were taking photos of the eggs - luckily none of our eggs were camera shy, and they enjoyed all the attention.

(4) Our Chocwich also had a lot of photos taken.... Many of our visitors were mesmerised by the colourful patterns on our marshmallow Chocwich and our Pate de Fruit Chocwich. The honey-glazed peanut marshmallow Chocwich got extremely popular in London that they were completely sold out; and the Raspberry Pate de Fruit Chocwich sold out at Oxford in the first day!

(5) A customer in London tried our Orange Pate de Fruit Chocwich with his glass of prosecco, and he thought the two were the perfect match. A few other customers followed suit and shared the same view. We ended up trying that ourselves a week later at Oxford (we were too busy in London to even drink, let alone trying to acquire a glass of bubbly), and wow! Why didn't we think of that earlier?

(6) When time permitted, we chatted with some of the loveliest chocolatiers around and shared ideas (and chocolates!). We were lucky enough to be neighbours with some of the yummiest brownie stalls also, and we couldn't resist trying some of the brownies! Thank you The Brownie Bar, Narna's Chocolates and The Bad Brownie Co for keeping our stomachs happy!

(7) The Chocolate Festival in London was very busy for all 3 days, and we really appreciated having Kirsten and Hanna coming to lend an extra pair of hands (as well as keeping us hydrated and fed, and sorting out a few emergencies for us)! Thank you!!!

(8) Many visitors have completed our mini-survey, exploring what flavours would evoke their memory and experience. It's interesting for us to see how certain flavours would remind people of childhood memories or pleasant holidays, and who knows, we may one day be able to incorporate some of these flavours into our chocolates! And thank you to those who have signed up to our newsletter.

We will be at the Chocolate Festival in London again in December, and we hope to see you then (if not before at another event!). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out where we will be before then! And don't forget, you can always buy our handmade chocolates from our website!

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