The Fifth Dimension In Food

Published by Albert Chau on 25th Oct 2013

At Fifth Dimension Chocolates, we often get asked by our customers "Why 'Fifth Dimension'?"

We believe that the 5th dimension in food evokes the memory. Often past experience or the snapshot of a particular moment in life comes flooding back when we taste the food again in a completely unrelated situation. Imagine our delight when the distinct fragrance and taste of lemongrass and ginger at an English countryside restaurant on a cold winter day sent our minds straight back to a tropical seaside holiday in Thailand thousands of miles away. The thought of delicious Thai dishes being cooked at an open-air restaurant by the beach on a beautiful evening was so powerful that for a moment we forgot that we were not in Asia.

Through our chocolate creations at Fifth Dimension, we would like to share with you our experience and memories from our travels. While souvenirs, travel writings and pictures can do this too, we choose to connect this powerful memory and emotion through the use of flavours and other food dimensions in chocolates.

Each of our filled chocolates is inspired by our travel experience in different parts of the world, and we have named each flavour after a place in the world. Some of the flavours are more classic, such as salted caramel (Rennes) and hazelnut gianduja (Turin). We have also created a few interesting flavours based on some of the local ingredients or local produce that we have come across. For example: pandan (Penang) which is a screwpine leaf that is widely used in Southeast Asian cooking and has a distinct nutty flavour, and wholegrain mustard (Meaux) which is more commonly used as a condiment and flavouring for savoury and cheese dishes.

So if the 5th dimension is the memory and experience, what are the other four dimensions? They are the ones that relate to the different senses that we possess:

  • The look and presentation of the chocolates are related to sight
  • The aroma of the chocolates and the fragrance released by the flavours in the mouth are related to smell
  • The delicate complex flavours of the single-origin chocolates complemented by various fillings are related to taste
  • The texture in the chocolates and the fillings is related to mouth-feel

We hope that our chocolates would satisfy all these senses and produce a powerful journey into the 5D world of chocolates for you. Welcome to our journey!

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