Corporate Gifts - Christmas

This is a case study of some corporate Christmas gifts we have created.

An organisation contacted us in November and asked us to create some corporate gifts to be sent out to their clients in early December for Christmas. This was a challenge as the client wanted several bespoke configurations, with packaging sourced in specifically for them, at short notice.

We discussed their requirements, timelines and budget, to work out the best way to meet the timelines. As they had their own design team in-house, they created all the artwork and printing to go inside each box and also the sleeves around the chocolate boxes. Usually we can arrange the printing with our local printer to create the information leaflets, cards and sleeves for the chocolate boxes.

The client had a whole range of our award-winning chocolates to choose from, and even with our advice and recommendations along the way, it was quite hard for them to narrow down to the choices to go into the boxes.

Corporate Christmas Gifts - Boxes of Chocolates

However, we were very pleased that all the timelines were met, and all their clients received the chocolates in time for Christmas.