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Customer Reviews


"Delighted with the gift" - Joyce D from United Kingdom


Interesting and delicious flavours

"Great presentation of chocolates and vibrant, interesting flavours. My husband really enjoyed them." - Andrea K. from United Kingdom


Pick your own box 

“I was impressed with the flavours we experienced in each of the items. I would say these hand crafted chocs are definitely a level above what I'm used to and was impressed how the flavours came through. Great work guys!” - Jay R. from United Kingdom


Excellent as always

“Purchased as a gift - feedback as expected, delicious!!” - Michelle F. from United Kingdom 


Beautiful Chocolates

“Presented in a simple elegant manner. The flavour combinations were intriguing and refreshing. I would highly recommend these chocolates for any special occasion.” - Simon C. from United Kingdom 



“Very good. Purchased as a thank you for help received. Recipient loved them.” - Sandra R. from United Kingdom


Amazing chocolates

“Great webshop with personal picking of your favorite bonbons, which each and every one was very good chocolates with clear, crisp and perfectly balanced flavours. Highly recommended!” - Svein-Magnus S. from Norway 


I have bought these chocolates

“I have bought these chocolates before and each one was delicious as always” - Ronnie C. from United Kingdom 


Award Winning Box

“Bought these as gift for my partner this Xmas (safe in the knowledge he'd share!). They are more expensive than chocolates I'd normally buy and I was v curious to investigate if they were worth the additional expense. I need not have worried. Every chocolate we've tried so far has been remarkable. It became a ritual to select and taste a chocolate mid-afternoon each day (have the last one to try this afternoon). I have no hesitation in recommending. Looking forward to finding my next excuse to purchase.” - Diana C. from United Kingdom 


A Scrumptious Box of Chocolates

“From the packaging to the delicious chocolates everything was just amazing!!” - Tahirah P. from United Kingdom


Lovely Chocolates

“They were for our sons and they really enjoyed them! Well worth the price!” - Anne B. from United Kingdom 


Fab gift

“Great service . And recipient loved as flavours really exciting.” - Tracey G. from United Kingdom 


Fantastic selection of flavours

“We've tried the many of the best reviewed and regarded chocolatieres from around the world, and I would put Fifth Dimension right near the top.
Their flavour combinations are exciting but not overpowering, in many ways quite subtle. If being very picky some flavours, like the Meaux mustard could be a little stronger.” - Peter H. from United Kingdom 


Lovely flavours

“Another gorgeous box of delights from 5D Chocolates. The flavours are pronounced and work beautifully with the chocolate. The shells are thin and have a great crunch to them. We particularly enjoyed the new flavours of Arctic Thyme and Cambodian Curry.
Each chocolate is masterfully created by hand and if you are familiar with the process, you will understand how difficult it is to create these so perfectly. Many, many thanks 5D!” - Mrs S. from United Kingdom 


Something different

“Ordered a box to have over Christmas when our two adult children would be home for a visit. We opened them one evening to indulge in while we sat round the table playing board games. They were a beautifully presented selection and the names and flavours really did conjure up travel ideas. I think we finished them before we completed the first board game - they were delicious. My own personal favourite of those I tasted was Warsaw - blackcurrant and Pernod. They are a little pricey, but worth pushing the boat out for occasionally.” - Alyson C. from United Kingdom 


The best!

“These chocolates are so superior to any competition - the flavours are exceptional.” - Michelle F. from United Kingdom