Day 1

2022 Advent Calendar Day 1: Manizales (Passion Fruit & Coffee Chocolate) 

Welcome to our Advent Calendar for 2022.

We are taking you to the Colombian city of Manizales on this very first day in December - this is a major city in the coffee region (Zona Cafetera). Back in 2015, we did a trip around the area - apart from coffee, a lot of different tropical fruits are grown in the area. Often when different ingredients are grown in the same region, the flavours would go together, and so this is the inspiration for our passion fruit and coffee chocolate! Hope you'll enjoy it!

Here's a video of Manizales - yes, it's a city with cable cars as public transport! Like a few other cities in Colombia, cable cars are used to connect different parts of the cities due to the topography!


You may think that because Colombia is so famous for their coffee, everywhere you go you would get a delicious cup of coffee! Wrong! According to the locals, most of the good quality coffee beans are destined for export, and so most Colombians have to suffer from the lower quality coffee. However, there's one place in the coffee region that we would recommend going to - Cafe Jesus Martin in Salento. OK, it's about 2.5 hours away from Manizales but if you do visit the coffee region, you will probably end up in Salento at some point and so make sure you check this place out, as the coffee is exceptionally good there. Not convinced? Even BBC has written an article about Jesus Martin - the man who saved Colombian coffee!

If you do visit Manizales and want to see a coffee farm but don't have much time, you can always consider a half-day coffee tour at Hacienda Venecia.