Day 1



One of the things that Turin is famous for is their chocolates, especially the hazelnut gianduja. Our "Turin" chocolate has been with us since we started in 2013, but it's gone through several different changes over the years, as we learnt more about the quality of hazelnut and also the texture and composition of a proper Italian gianduja. We are really proud of this chocolate, because we entered it into the International Chocolate Awards World Final in 2018, and we managed to win a bronze award (having won a British Gold already). Typically this category is dominated by the Italians (with Guido Castagna always winning the Gold, as he really is at the top of the game when it comes to the nut-based chocolate category) and that year the world final was judged in Italy, and so to be standing on stage with the Italian chocolate maestro, it's like winning an Oscar!


Whilst we have not managed to go to Turin this year (well, travelling around Europe has still been a bit tricky in 2021), we have concentrating our effort this year in developing several new nut-based products, inspired by the classic Italian cremino.