Day 10



Some cities look beautiful on television but they never seem to live up to the same standard when you see them in real life. Rio is one exception - as Albert would describe it, "a ridiculously beautiful city". The city is divided into different zones and there are parks and greeneries dotted around the city, plus the interesting coastline makes the whole city looks like a beautiful painting from high up. With the different hills around the city e.g. the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park where Christ the Redeemer status is located, Santa Teresa area with its village feel in a big city etc, you get to see the city from above at different angles. Don't believe us? This is even better as it's from a drone flying all over Rio: 

There's a lot of fresh fruit and delicious food in Rio. One of the dishes we had in Rio was Banana Foster (OK, not very Brazilian!), but we put a twist into this and ended up with our banana cardamom caramel. We developed a different style of caramel for this chocolate also. To our surprise, this chocolate didn't take long to develop at all. At that time, we would usually wait at least a year to really finetune the flavour based on customer feedback before we would even consider entering a chocolate into competition, but this was the first time that we entered it into International Chocolate Awards less than 2 months after we launched this chocolate, and we walked away with a British Gold (and then a World Silver). From the formation of the concept of this chocolate to winning an award, this chocolate remains the record-holder for the shortest time to achieve this in our collection!