Day 11

Day 11: Bangkok (Mango & Passion Fruit Caramel Chocolate)


With the lack of travel in the past year, we have been learning how to make a Malaysian dessert called Chendol (also spelled as Cendol) - this dish is the inspiration behind this chocolate. If you want to have a go at making chendol, there's a chendol recipe on the net which we have been using - adjust according to your taste. The fun part is making the worm-shaped green jelly - we actually bought a specific potato ricer to make the green "worms".

And here's a video of us ordering chendol from one of the most famous places in Georgetown in Penang - the chendol stall outside the Joo Hooi Cafe (475 Jalan Penang (at Keng Kwee St) 10000 George TownPulau Pinang, Malaysia) - but this stall is actually part of the cafe also, so you can actually eat in the cafe and order the chendol in there - Joo Hooi Cafe is a great place to try other Malaysian food also.