Day 12

Day 12: Warsaw (Blackcurrant & Pernod)


Apparently in 2018 we created a few chocolates with city names that are difficult to pronounce - one is Siem Reap  (which you had on 6 Dec - that's the Cambodian Curry one, remember?), but the one that most people really struggle is the city associated with our Arctic Thyme Caramel: Akureyri! If you wonder how to pronounce this properly - here's a guide (and watch the whole video if you want to learn all the other Icelandic places with names that look impossible to pronounce):


Earlier this summer we managed to go to Iceland for about 10 days - partly because we had to get more arctic thyme (otherwise we would have run out of the herb by now!), but it's also our opportunity to go and see some friends. We timed it so well that arctic thyme was in full bloom when we were there, and we also arranged to meet up with someone who owns the arctic thyme fields, about an hour from Akureyri. In fact, don't be surprised that the arctic thyme used in our chocolates came from this very field!



And of course, we picked up some fresh arctic thyme and on our way back to Akureyri, we did a photo stop with a box of our chocolates on the opposite side of Eyjafjörður, looking towards Akureyri. It's almost like taking the chocolates "home"!