Day 12



Fact: Poland is the largest producer of blackcurrants in the EU.

Our Blackcurrent & Pernod is based on the drink "Pernod & Black" - whilst this drink is virtually unheard of in the southern part of England, up in the Midlands and the north, many people (usually from about the age of 40 upwards) would straight away associate it the combination with the drink from the 1980's and 1990's. Somehow Pernod & Black has fallen out of fashion after the turn of the century - Keep reading if you want to a Pernod & Black recipe so you can make it at home! Pernod is actually an absinthe distilled from star anise and fennel (and there are lots of other herbs in the alcohol also) - we don't use much of it in there, as the flavour of the star anise can be overpowering quite easily.

When you bite into this chocolate, you may notice that the texture of the filling is like eating fruit puree rather than a traditional chocolate ganache - this is because there's a much higher ratio of blackcurrant to white chocolate in there, to achieve the exact flavour we want in this chocolate. This chocolate won awards at 2 separate competitions in 2018 - Great Taste Awards and International Chocolate Awards.

And here's a video about Warsaw - if you have been there before, did you visit all the places mentioned in the video? If you haven't been, would you like to go there?

OK, as promised, here's a recipe if you fancy at making Pernod and Black.

Fifth Dimension's Very Simple Recipe for Making Pernod & Black

  1. Mix Pernod, blackcurrant cordial and water in a 1:1:2 ratio
  2. Add in lots of ice-cubes and stir well.
  3. Cheers! (See? Told you it's simple!)