Day 14


Most people can't imagine white chocolate and caramel to go together, as the general perception is that they are both very sweet, and so when combining them together, it will be ultra-sweet. And it's based on this misconception that we decided that in 2019 to come up with a caramel that would work in white chocolate.
Salt is prominently used in Scandinavian cuisine, from preserving food to using it on a variety of savoury dishes and snacks. Malt is often used in bread and beer there. So instead of just using salt to create a caramel, we decided to combine salt and malt together. To make it even more interesting, we decided to use panela (unrefined sugar from evaporated sugar cane juice) to create the caramel. The result is a much deeper complex flavour caramel than just a straightforward mix of saltiness and sweetness. We also chose a white chocolate that has a higher cocoa percentage (35% cocoa) and higher milk content, so it is less sweet than most white chocolate (OK - the secret is out - a good quality white chocolate is key here!). When we put everything together, it worked exactly how we wanted it to be - if anything, it works better than dark chocolate and milk chocolate!
Stockholm was chosen as the name for the white chocolate - for the simple reason that most times Albert went to Stockholm, it was in the middle of winter and it snowed pretty heavily everywhere. So it seems appropriate to name this chocolate Stockholm. 

Here's a video of Stockholm - have you visited this beautiful city?