Day 16



Day 16 and we are in Genoa in Italy - the flavour today is Basil.

This chocolate has been in our collection since we started in 2013, and not much has changed in this chocolate - the look has always been the green and yellow swirls (denoting the basil and the hint of lemon in the dark chocolate ganache), and it's always been a dark chocolate ganache. Since 2015, we started growing more and more basil in our garden, so we actually use our own basil as far as we can.

The inspiration of this chocolate came from one of the simplest but most delicious plate of spaghetti we had in Italy - it was simply freshly-cooked pasta tossed with fresh basil leaves and lemon juice. Nothing fancy about the dish - it just lets the quality of the ingredients speak for itself. This is very similar to our ethos also with our chocolates. Some suppliers have approached us and asked us to try using their basil oil or essence - although they insisted that it would taste the same and it's far "easier" for us, we made some test batches but we were never happy with any of them, and so to date we have kept to using fresh homegrown basil in this chocolate - more work for us, but we hope you can appreciate the freshness and taste in the chocolate! We do sometimes run out of basil and then we have to resort to buying them in from shops.

Genoa - Fresh Basil Leaves for Chocolates


If you fancy visiting Genoa, here's a video of the top 10 things to do in this beautiful city - there are several links to discount codes for several attractions there in the video, so check it out!