Day 18



We often get asked why we don't name the chocolate after a Japanese city, because of the use of miso. However, mint is not widely used in Japanese cuisine (or at least we are not aware of that). In fact, we got the inspiration from a fusion cuisine dish - Mint & Miso Lamb Chops! And since Australians are pretty good at fusion cuisine, we decided to name this chocolate after the famous city in Oz.

One of the most iconic buildings in Sydney (and probably in the world too!) is the Sydney Opera House, and the bonbon shape that we have chosen reminds us so much of the opera house.

Do you know that the mint we use in this chocolate comes from our own greenhouse and garden? It is one of the easiest herbs to grow (if you don't know that already)!

There are many types of miso (we were told that there are 8 main types but we have not tried them all) - while we would use red miso for making grilled lamb chops, we opt for the sweeter and more mellow white miso for the dark chocolate ganache in this chocolate.

Have you been to Sydney? Do you agree with this top 10 best places to visit in this city?

Here's a quick recipe to make the mint & miso lamb chops (there's no chocolate in this dish but we think it will work great with a extra-dark chocolate like our 85% Colombia dark chocolate - which, by the way, we grate onto bacon and fried eggs when we do a cooked breakfast!):

Fifth Dimension's Mint & Miso Lamb Chops


  • 6 pieces of lamb chops or 2 pieces of Barnsley chop
  • 100g miso paste
  • 100g sugar
  • 30g mirin
  • 20g cooking sake
  • 10-20 leaves of mint


  1. We'll make the marinade: Heat the miso paste, sugar, mirin and sake in a saucepan until everything has dissolved. Then take it off the heat. Tear the mint leaves up by hand and mix into the marinade.
  2. Once the marinade has cooled down, put the lamb chops into the mix and make sure they are all coated with the marinade. Leave overnight in fridge.
  3. Next day, you can either put the lamb chops on the BBQ or under a grill, and cook them for 4-5 minutes each side. Et voila.