Day 18

Day 18: Popayan (House Dark Chocolate - Colombia 70% cacao)


The inspiration of our ginger caramel chocolate comes from Vietnam, where the savoury dishes would still have a complex mixture of savoury and sweetness.

Instead of using stem ginger or raw ginger pieces, we use freshly-grated ginger juice to add to the caramel, to give it a more refreshing taste. This chocolate has been in our collection since we started in 2013, and the recipe hasn't changed over the years. Whilst we knew this was a good chocolate, we never thought it would be appreciated by food judges at competition, so imagine our joy when this chocolate won us a Great Taste Award 2-star in 2016!

There's a lot of delicious Vietnamese food on offer - here's a video on the street food in Hanoi (we are getting hungry just watching what Steve Owens has been eating!), so watch it and take notes for your next trip to Hanoi!