Day 19



Hong Kong is the name for our Soy Sauce Caramel Chocolate. This is a twist on the salted caramel, using soy sauce for the saltiness but also to add a level of umami flavour, resulting in a complex flavour that won us 3 awards in 2016. And today we have 2 recipes  to give you - one is a dish that inspired us on our chocolate, and the other one is a dessert created by Chef Matt Gillan using our soy caramel sauce. So keep reading!

The inspiration of this flavour comes from a classic Hong Kong dish called Swiss Chicken Wings. There's nothing Swiss about this dish, but it's one of Albert's favourite dishes of all time. Here's a video on how to make this dish (Chinese with English subtitles) - it's more or less how Albert would make it. The key step is actually rinsing the chicken wings in cold water after blanching them - that way the skin on the chicken wings will stay taut and won't tear apart when you cook that on low heat in the soy sauce mixture for a long time afterwards:


The other dish, as we promised, is the soy caramel pannacotta created by Chef Matt Gillan - he has kindly created the recipe for us to share with you! If you have never been to his Heritage Restaurant in Slaugham (in West Sussex), you should make a trip there - you won't be disappointed with the food there. And you never know, you may even bump into us (funnily enough, we have bumped into a few of our customers there!).