Day 2



Today we are taking you to Italy to enjoy the flavour of the "green gold" - Pistachio!

Bronte, just at the foot of Mount Etna, is where the pistachio nuts are grown in Sicily. Do you know that pistachio can only be harvested every 2 years, and the harvest is all done by hand? Also, the production of pistachio in Bronte is tiny compared to Iran and the USA (by far two of the biggest producers of pistachio in the world), but in terms of flavour, we really love the pistachio from Bronte, and that's why we use that to make our pistachio cremino.

Now, you may not be familiar with cremino - it's a typical Italian chocolate originating from Piedmont, and you don't usually see anyone else outside Italy making them. Usually it has 3 layers of gianduja chocolate, but as usual at Fifth Dimension we do things slightly differently, with just two layers (so you have a choice of which side of the cremino you want to put on your tongue to get the initial hit of the flavour!). This chocolate won a silver award at the British Chocolatier competition of the International Chocolate Awards, and in addition it has also won a special award for the classic interpretation of cremino!

Every autumn there's a pistachio festival in Sicily - we have not been yet but this is something we want to do! From this video, it sounds like pistachio heaven: