Day 2: Hong Kong (Soy Caramel Chocolate)


Day 2 in our Advent chocolate destination is Hong Kong, and the flavour is Soy (sauce) Caramel. This is a twist on the salted caramel, using soy sauce for the saltiness but also to add a level of umami flavour, resulting in a complex flavour that won us 3 awards in 2016. And today we have 2 recipes  to give you - one is a dish that inspired us on our chocolate, and the other one is a dessert created by Chef Matt Gillan using our soy caramel sauce. So keep reading!

The inspiration of this flavour comes from a classic Hong Kong dish called Swiss Chicken Wings. There's nothing Swiss about this dish, but it's one of Albert's favourite dishes of all time. Here's a video on how to make this dish (Chinese with English subtitles) - it's more or less how Albert would make it:

Video Recipe for Swiss Chicken Wings


A "spin-off" from this chocolate is our Soy Caramel Sauce, which won 2-star at Great Taste awards in 2017, and it's a winner at the Food Talk Awards in 2018. This sauce can be used as a dessert topping (try it on sticky-toffee pudding or warm apple pie with ice-cream, and drizzle this on top).

Soy Caramel Sauce - Great Taste 2 Star & FoodTalk Award Winners

If you think soy sauce in dessert sounds strange, we are not the only people to have done that - Matt Gillan, Great British Menu winner in 2016 (the one who cooked the whole goat!) and chef-owner of Heritage Restaurant in Sussex, did a panna cotta with soya sauce gel a few years ago when he was the head chef at The Pass Restaurant. We've been bugging Matt to give us the recipe for the panna cotta for ages, and he's actually created a special Soy Caramel Panna Cotta with Popcorn which you can find in our Recipes section - he's actually used our Soy Caramel Sauce for the panna cotta! Thank you very much, Matt!

We really love Matt's cooking - his restaurant is probably one of the best kept secrets at the moment, it's in a village called Slaugham in West Sussex - the food is phenomenal. Don't believe us? Just look at Heritage's Instagram page! (Warning: you might get hungry looking at the pictures of his dishes). Here's what the restaurant looks like from the outside - Matt and his team spent a lot of time doing the whole place up before it opened in late-2019:

Heritage Restaurant by Chef Matt Gillan at Slaugham, West Sussex

Matt is currently on the Great British Menu Christmas Special (first episode was last night - you can catch it on BBC iPlayer if you missed it).

Do you know that we also have 3 other caramel sauces, and all of them have won Great Taste awards too? The most recent one was a Great Taste 2-star earlier this year with our Salt & Malt Caramel Sauce.