Day 2


For the second day in our Advent Calendar - we'd like to take you to a place which will take a few days to get to from anywhere in the world - Grytviken!

Despite the nordic-sounding name, Grytviken is in the British Overseas Territories, and it's on the island of South Georgia. 

When we were on our first trip to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica, a few passengers on our boat said that their most favourite place was South Georgia (one of them was on a similar trip 5 times!). We didn't understand that at first, but after 3 days in the sea from the Falklands and finally seeing South Georgia jutted out of the sea, we were simply taken away by its rugged beauty. You'd have thought that when we saw South Georgia again on our second trip, we wouldn't have felt like that because we knew what to expect, but wrong! There's something really magical about this island - there's not one single thing that blows our minds away though! The scenery (rugged landscape, glaciers extending from the mountains into the sea), the history (watch this video below to find out more about the brutal whaling industry, and also the early polar explorers) as well as the wildlife.

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