Day 20




Orleans is a city by the Loire river in France - nope, this chocolate has nothing to do with New Orleans in the USA, which is sometimes a misconception!

Here's a video of Orleans, which is about 90 minutes away from Paris by train:

Chambord is a liqueur made with raspberries and blackberries, and is produced in the Loire Valley. This liqueur is used in our chocolate to lift the flavour of the raspberries in the chocolate ganache. The ganache and shell of this chocolate is made with our Colombian 65% cacao chocolate from the Huila region - this fine-flavour chocolate has a red fruit note. This filled chocolate won a Great Taste 2-star award in 2016, and the chocolate we use won a Great Taste 2-star in 2018. We went to Huila in Colombia back in 2015 and here's a video of us visiting 2 of the farmers in Huila: