Day 21


Today we stay in Taiwan and we are visiting the town of Beipu, about an hour's drive from Taipei! The flavour is Black Sesame & Peanut.

This chocolate is another chocolate we have created this year, inspired by the Italian-style cremino. However, we have taken on an Asian twist to this cremino (after all, that's what you would expect from us at 5D!). The inspiration of this chocolate is based on a "tea" we discovered in Taiwan in 2020 - well, we put quotes around the word "tea" because it's not a form of tea that you'd expect. The flavour inspiration is Hakka Tea - or it's known as "Lei Cha" in Chinese (which literally means pounded tea) - it's made from grinding several ingredients into a paste, and then hot water is added to make this beverage. Two of the main ingredients are sesame and peanuts, and so that's what we have chosen for this chocolate.

Here's a video of Russell making the paste for Hakka Tea at a teahouse in Beipu: