Day 22



Whilst most people call it "salted caramel", we'd call it "salt caramel" - after all, we add salt to the caramel.... and when you add ginger to the caramel, do you call it gingered caramel?

Anyway, whichever way you want to call this, salt caramel is undeniably one of the really popular flavours these days - as usual we like to do things slightly differently. So we use panela instead of white sugar to make the caramel (you can read more about panela in one of our blog posts - it's an unrefined sugar made from evaporated sugar cane juice, similar to jaggery). The result of the caramel is a deeper flavour than just the caramelisation of white sugar, but it does burn more easily and maybe that's why not many people use panela when making caramels.

Oslo is a pretty expensive city (eating out can be eye-watering, but hey, the food is of high quality usually) - but it's a nice city to walk around also. Here's a 3-minute video on what the city has on offer - enjoy!