Day 25

Day 25: Turin (Hazelnut Gianduja Chocolate)


Merry Christmas!

Even though the advent calendar is supposed to have finished on Christmas Eve, we have put in an extra chocolate for those of you receiving the 25-chocolate Advent Calendar box - something you can unwrap also (OK, normally you are supposed to unwrap the presents on Boxing Day, but how many people really have that willpower to wait?)

The chocolate today is wrapped in red foil and inside you will find our pistachio and almond cremino. The flavour combination is very popular with the Middle East / Central Asia, and we decided to call it Istanbul - the crossroad between Europe and Asia, which is really a bit like us with Russell and Albert in the company! Cremino is a new genre of chocolate that we have introduced to our collection this year - it's very popular in Italy and it's a style originating from Turin. We have done a lot of research in the past year on this - from sourcing of the ingredients to achieving the texture that gives the best flavour and mouthfeel. So it's only appropriate that we finish our advent calendar on this new chocolate that we are very proud of.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday period!