Day 3



Today we are taking you to the Chinese city of Guangzhou, and the flavour is Chinese Black Bean Caramel!

If you have ordered any dishes in black bean sauce in Chinese restaurant - yes, it is the same type of black bean! Usually if you go to any Chinese grocery stores, you will find black bean sauce in a jar! We have to thank Chef Andrew Wong in London for coming up with the idea of using Chinese black bean in chocolate - we have written a blog post about the story behind the development of our black bean caramel chocolate before, so we are not going to repeat the story here.

Most people would just buy the ready-made black bean sauce in a jar, and just use it in stir-fry. However, if you want to do it the proper way and make it from dried black beans, here's a video to show you how. (Secret: we use the dried black beans too to make the caramel filling of this chocolate, and we also add in a bit of dried tangerine peel also!)


Whilst travelling to China is still heavily restricted due to Covid, here's a video on Guangzhou - see if it will whet your appetite to visit this bustling city when China finally reopens to the world (whenever that will be)?