Day 3

Day 3 - Penang (Coconut & Pandan Chocolate)


We often get asked which is our most favourite chocolate in our collection? This is as difficult as asking parents who their favourite child is in the family! Whilst we don't have just one favourite, but it seems that we can never get bored with our "New York" - Apple & Calvados Caramel.

We created this chocolate in 2015 and we wanted to recreate the apple pie drizzled with caramel and flambeed in Calvados in a chocolate form. This chocolate nearly didn't see the light of the day, as getting the apple flavour to come through proved to be more tricky. In the end, it was a stroke of luck that we got exactly the flavour we wanted. We would never have thought that this chocolate would end up winning the World Gold at the International Chocolate Awards in 2016, just because we were still less than 3 years into the business at the time, and we already won a bronze award in the milk chocolate caramel category that year.... so imagine Russell's surprise on-stage in this video that captured the moment in this video:

And today we have a special offer for you - from our friend Janet Lacey at Not Just Travel. When you book a holiday (not just New York or the USA.... she's extending this offer to any overseas holiday), you will receive a special gift when you mention 5DChocolates - the gift could be a guide book, a travel bag, an experience where they are visiting or something else. But whatever it is, it's going to be special - Janet looks after her customers well. And while you browse through her website to get some ideas on your next holiday, have a listen to this podcast on her website about New York also.