Day 4



Whenever we go to New York, we always feel that we have a special connection with this city - it almost feels like it's our second home! The lightbulb moment for our Chocwich happened in New York - the junction of 41st Street and 6th Avenue, just outside Bryant Park, to be exact! And one of our most successful filled chocolates is named after this city too!

We created our "New York" chocolate just over 7 years ago - the concept was to recreate the flavour of apple pie drizzled with caramel and flambeed in Calvados in a chocolate form. This chocolate nearly didn't see the light of the day because of some of the challenges to get the flavour exactly how we wanted, and so imagine if we didn't persevere and just gave up on it after a few attempts! A year after we created this chocolate, it won a Gold award at the International Chocolate Awards World Final in London - here's the video that captured that pleasant surprise moment:



If you are heading to New York for the first time, check out this video for some useful tips on the mistakes to avoid! Many guidebooks usually tell you what to do, so that's the easy part.... but we agree with most of the tips in this video: