Day 5


Today we'd like to take you to a place which you can't reach by plane, and it will take a few days to get to from anywhere in the world.

Grytviken is on the island of South Georgia, which is part of the British Overseas Territories. The Swedish-sounding name (meaning "pot bay") always confuses people.

There's some magical about South Georgia and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been there. The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is impressive - when you get there, you feel like you are the visitors to all the penguin and seal residents there. Respect the nature! This is an interesting video of South Georgia.


We made this chocolate as a tribute to one of the greatest polar explorers - Sir Ernest Shackleton. In fact, if you ever get to Grytviken, you can visit the grave of Shackleton as that's where he died and buried. As he liked his whisky, what your tour guide would do is to give you is a small cup of whisky in front of the grave, and you would drink half of that, and throw the remaining whisky onto Shackleton's grave. If you are interested in history - here's a talk on Shackleton's final journey to South Georgia by Dr Jan Chojecki earlier this year (2022 is the year marking 100 years since death of Shackleton):