Day 6



We went to Rio de Janeiro for the first time at Christmas 2016, just after the city hosted the brilliant Olympics Games earlier that year in the summer. We always found that the sequence at the start of the Opening Ceremony really amazing, and it showcased the beauty of that city. Forgotten that sequence? Here it is:


It really is "a ridiculously beautiful city" (as Albert has put it). The city is divided into different zones and there are parks and greeneries dotted around the city, plus the interesting coastline makes the whole city looks like a beautiful painting from high up. With the different hills around the city e.g. the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park where Christ the Redeemer status is located, Santa Teresa area with its village feel in a big city etc, you get to see the city from above at different angles. Don't believe us? Here's a link to an even better video as it's from a drone flying all over Rio.

When we were in Rio, one of the dishes we had was Banana Foster (OK, not very Brazilian, but that's how we remembered the holiday!), so we put a twist into this and ended up with our banana cardamom caramel. We developed a slightly different style of caramel for this chocolate also (when you continue trying out caramel chocolates in the advent calendar, you will notice that they have different textures and styles, and it's not just a different flavour!). This chocolate didn't take long to develop at all - about a month from start to finish (usually we would spend a few months to get it right), and another 2 months after that, we won a British Gold at the International Chocolate Awards, and later on that year, a Silver at the World Final!