Day 7


Hope you have been enjoying the advent calendar so far! Today is Day 7, and we are heading to Siem Reap in Cambodia, the gateway to the World Heritage site Angkor Wat.

When we started developing this chocolate back in the early part of 2018, we knew that the flavour would work, but we never expected to enjoy the whole development process so much - read our blog post on the journey in the development of "Siem Reap". Some customers were skeptical about this flavour in a chocolate before trying it, but it's always nice to see the pleasant surprises on their faces at chocolate shows or tasting events. The best feedback was at a chocolate fair in Warwick when a young British man asked us some pretty in-depth questions on the curry and then he told us that he has lived in Cambodia for a few years. We could see his hesitation when he got the chocolate in his hand, as he admitted that he just couldn't get his head round on how we could put the curry flavour in the chocolate. But when he ate the chocolate, his face literally lit up and said it's exactly like eating Cambodian curry but it's in a chocolate. It's moment like this that reminds us why we love playing with flavours!

Everything else about the chocolate all came together pretty well, and it's one of those chocolates which we felt all the stars were lined up at the same time. With the International Chocolate Awards British competition being held in September rather than the usual April/May time in 2018, this chocolate (together with all the other chocolates that we released that year) made it to the competition and won Gold in that round. Then we entered it into the World Final competition in Florence and picked up a Silver award.

Here's a quick video to give you an idea on the steps of making this chocolate:

Angkor Wat is one of those places you really should go and visit once in your life. The Angkor complex is huge and varied - we spent 3 days exploring and that's definitely not enough! And we actually visited Angkor Wat at 3 different times on that trip - once to watch the sunrise, once to watch the sunset and once to spend a few hours in the morning walking around Angkor Wat and admiring the architecture. Maybe next time we'll spend a whole week there! Here's a video on Angkor Wat to whet your appetite: