Day 8

Day 8: Hanoi (Ginger Caramel Chocolate)

We developed our "Tokyo" in 2020 - the original plan was to coincide with the Tokyo Olympic. Who would know that the greatest game on Earth would be postponed till 2021? Did you watch the Olympics on television? We spent several weeks glued to the TV, watching all the amazing events.

Sake Lees (also known as Sake Kasu) is the by-product during the sake-making process - apart from the flavour from the sake itself, it also has a more umami taste. Sake lees can be used as a marinade, or for making ice-cream or even as a hot drink. 

Our sake lees comes from Kanpai Sake Brewery in Peckham in South London (yes, there are a small number of sake breweries in the UK, so don't think that sake is only produced in Japan!). Their taproom (above the brewery) is open Wednesdays to Sundays, and so you can go and try out some of their sake as well as other drinks, and grab a bite to eat too at their kitchen on the opposite side of the taproom/brewery.