Day 9

Stockholm - Salt & Malt Caramel Chocolate


The inspiration of our Peanut & Raspberry chocolate comes from the classic American sandwich PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly) - Note that the "jelly" is really a jam in British term. The origin of PBJ can be traced back to the city of Boston, and that's why we have used this city name for the chocolate!

This is one of the first layered chocolate we have made in our collection - we created this back in 2014, a few months after we launched 5D! We wanted to have the filling to look like a PBJ, and so we have two separate layers in this chocolate - a layer of peanut paste, and a layer of raspberry pate de fruits. Now here's a question for you - for an open PBJ sandwich, should you put peanut butter on first, or the jelly/jam first?

"Boston" is the only hand-dipped chocolate we have in our collection currently - as we don't have an enrobing machine, each chocolate is dipped into milk chocolate by hand. It is obviously a lot more labour-intensive, but we pride ourselves on handmade chocolates and this is one step that's key if we are to stay true to this.


Boston is a very walkable city, and unless you are planning to venture further out, it's better not to hire a car, as parking is painfully expensive in the city. The public transport is pretty good and you can get a Charlie card which is a plastic card for the public transport system (MBTA) in Boston. We always thought that the reason it's called the Charlie card is because of the Charles River that divides Boston and Cambridge/Harvard, but having done a bit more research, apparently Charlie refers to a fictional character called Charlie who's trapped in the subway system because he didn't have the money to allow him to get out of the transport system! 

Here's a video on 10 best things to do in Boston: