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How To Store Your Chocolates

How To Store Your Chocolates

Fifth Dimension Chocolates are made using natural ingredients, including cream, butter and fresh fruit and herbs. Sugar and alcohol can act as a preservative especially in our caramels and chocolates with alcohol in the ganache. However, not all of our chocolates are caramels and a few are without alcohol. The flavour in caramels will diminish after a few months and will not taste as good as intended. We recommend for maximum enjoyment that all our moulded chocolates are consumed within 4 weeks of receiving them.

Storing your chocolates

Ideally chocolates should be stored in a cool dry environment, not too humid and not too light. Slightly below room temperature is good, (underneath your bed can be a little cooler - or if you are lucky enough to have a wine cooler, this is an ideal place of between 12 – 16 degrees C). Never store them in your fridge as this can give them a white sheen when you bring them out due to humidity and moisture.

Eating your chocolates

The optimum temperature to enjoy your chocolates is between 18 – 21 degrees C. So make sure they are at room temperature first. Unless you are camping in the Arctic you will also need to prepare your equipment to eat chocolate in advance. Some people say you should have a sip of water in between each chocolate to appreciate the fine quality and different tastes. But hey, you just spent a lot of your hard-earned cash on this purchase, so I'd say “Enjoy them whichever way you like". Personally, I enjoy eating chocolates with a good cup of tea.