Meaux (Wholegrain Mustard)

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Even though mustard is not typically associated with sweets and desserts, we always thought that wholegrain mustard could be used in chocolate. The famous 18th century gastronome Brillat-Savarin said "If it isn't Meaux, it isn't mustard.” Too bad he’s not around to try our chocolate! Trust us – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

This chocolate won a 1-star award in the Great Taste Awards 2014.


This chocolate is available in the following boxes:

Product Information

This chocolate contains:
- Milk / Cream? YES
- Nuts? NO
- Gluten? NO
- Soy beans? NO
- Soy lecithin? YES
- Other allergens? YES (Mustard, Sulphites/Sulphur Dioxide)
- Alcohol? NO

Please refer to our Allergen Information page for more information about our chocolate products.

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