Our Ingredients

Our Chocolate

There are several selection criteria on how we source our chocolate to make all our products:

Cacao Sourcing

Responsible Suppliers

We use the finest chocolate couverture in our products – while we do not insist on Fairtrade or Organic certifications in our chocolate (because these certifications have no bearings on the quality), we only source our chocolates from companies that have demonstrated to us that they work with the farmers and their cooperatives directly on a long-term basis, and have clear and transparent policies on sustainability, fair purchasing, traceability and corporate social responsibilities.

Our main suppliers include:

In addition, we also use chocolate from British chocolate-maker Pump Street Chocolate.

Beni Province - Bolivia

Single-Origin Cacao

All the couvertures we use for our chocolates at Fifth Dimension Chocolates are single-origin cacao, which means that they come from one country or one specific region within a country.

Using single-origin chocolate makes it easier to trace back to the cocoa’s source – so we would know where the cocoa beans are from to produce the couverture we use.

The couvertures we use come from the following areas in the world:

  • Bolivia: Beni province
  • Colombia: Huila and Narino departments
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ghana
  • Madagascar
  • Jamaica

Cacao Origin Colombia

Fine Flavour Cacao

To go one step further, we use fine flavour (fino de aroma) cacao in over 99% of our products. This is a denomination from the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) classification. Only around 8% of the cocoa produced in the world is Cacao Fino de Aroma, which has an exquisite aroma and flavour profile.

The only couverture that is not considered as fine flavour cacao is the vegan milk chocolate – this chocolate is made with cacao from Ghana, and is only used to make our Penang (Coconut & Pandan) filled chocolate.



Other Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients as far as we can, and opt for dried/frozen ingredients and natural-based essence if it is not practical to source in fresh ingredients for our filled chocolates. We take great care in where we source in our ingredients - in some cases, we grow our own! For example, our award-winning "Genoa" (basil chocolate) and "Sydney" (mint & miso chocolate), the basil and mint come from our own greenhouse and garden (unless we cannot grow them quick enough to meet the demand).

We also collaborate with several independent specialist food producers to tap into their expertise on some of the flavours, for example:

  • Spice Kitchen who develops the curry mix with us exclusively for our “Cape Town” (Curry & Raisins chocolate)
  • Dips who supplies the lemon chutney for our “Nadiad” (Lemon Chutney chocolate)

We do not use essential oils, flavour drops, artificial flavouring nor preservative in any of our chocolates.