Personalised Message

Location of Personalised Message option for our box of 12 chocolatesWe often get asked by customers if we can include a personalised message in our boxes of chocolates.

Here's the good news - you now have the option of including a personalised message on the sleeve of our chocolate box! This option is available on all the boxes of 18 chocolates and boxes of 12 chocolates.

Here's a guide on what you need to do:

(1) Go to the box of 12 or 18 chocolates that you would like to purchase. Just above the quantity field, you will see a section on personalised message. 

  • By default, the personalised message is not included (as indicated by the "No Thanks" option in the Personalised Message) - in this case, we would not include a sleeve over the box.
  • If you would like to include a personalised message, select the "Yes please" option, and make sure you enter your message in the "Your Message" field below.
    • Note that there is a limit of 150 characters (which equates to approximately 20-25 words) for the personalised message.
    • You don't need to include any line breaks as we will add them when we print them onto the sleeve of the box.
    • There is a small additional cost for this service. Once you have selected this option, the price of the chocolate box will be adjusted automatically.

Adding a personalised message to the box of 12 chocolates

(2) Once you are happy with the message, select the Quantity and then click "Add To Cart". Note:

  • If you are sending multiple messages to the same address, you need to specify each one separately, but you can group all the items in one cart (as they are all going to the same address).
  • If you are sending to different addresses, you will need to do the purchases separately.

(3) You can review the option and the message (may be truncated if it is more than a few words) in the Shopping Cart.

Review the personalised message options for the box of 12 chocolates in the shopping cart

(4) If you need to change the option or the message (or simply want to review the message in full before proceeding to checkout), you can click on the "Change" link. The following pop-up window will appear. Modify the personalised message - Don't forget to click the red "Save" button to save the change!

If you select the message option and then change your mind in the checkout process by selecting "No thanks," you will not be charged and your message will not be included within your order.

Pop-up window for reviewing or modifying the personalised message option on our chocolate boxes

(5) Proceed to checkout and payment. 

(6) Here's an example of the personalised message on the sleeve for our box of 12 chocolates: