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Seville (Bitter Orange Marmalade)

Seville - Bitter Orange Marmalade

According to legend, an 18th century Spanish ship carrying Seville oranges was damaged in a storm. The ship sought refuge in Dundee’s harbour, where the oranges unfit for sale were sold to a local merchant. His mother turned the bitter orange fruit into jam and created marmalade.
We've made our own tangy orange marmalade, blended it into a smooth milk chocolate ganache and encased it in a white chocolate shell for a perfect taste of zingy sharp and sweet.

This chocolate is available in the following boxes:

This chocolate contains:
- Milk / Cream? YES
- Nuts? NO
- Gluten? NO
- Soy beans? NO
- Soy lecithin? NO
- Other allergens? No
- Alcohol? YES

Please refer to our Allergen Information page for more information about our chocolate products.