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Single Origin Cacao

All our couvertures we use for our chocolates are single origin cacao, which means that they come from one country or one specific area within a country.

• Our dark chocolate couvertures come from:

  • Narino department and Huila department in Colombia
  • Beni province in Bolivia
  • Madagascar

• Our milk chocolate couvertures come from:

  • Colombia
  • Beni province in Bolivia

• Our white chocolate couverture comes from:

  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic


Origin of our Colombian dark chocolate Origin of our Bolivian dark & milk chocolate
colombia-beans-origin.jpg bolivia-beans-origin.jpg


Using single-origin chocolates makes it easier to trace back to the cocoa’s source, and we strive to source our chocolates from companies that work with the farmers and their cooperatives directly, and have clear policies on sustainability, fair purchasing, traceability and corporate social responsibilities.