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Stockholm (Salt & Malt Caramel (Panela) - White Chocolate)

Salt & Malt Caramel made with Panela Sugar and enrobed in White Chocolate

The Scandinavian countries love their caramels. We’ve created three we think our Nordic neighbours would approve of. One in milk chocolate, one in dark and one in white.

Stockholm - a meltingly rich, malty salt and malt caramel encased in bite fresh white chocolate made from Meadow milk.

This chocolate is available in the following boxes:

This chocolate contains:
- Milk / Cream? YES
- Nuts? NO
- Gluten? YES (Malt)
- Soy beans? NO
- Soy lecithin? NO
- Other allergens? NO
- Alcohol? NO

Please refer to our Allergen Information page for more information about our chocolate products.