Penang (Coconut & Pandan)

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A journey to the East awakened us to the possibilities of the vibrant nutty sweet pandan reed. In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a tropical vivacity to savoury dishes and desserts. It's known as Asia’s answer to vanilla, so we wanted to try it in a chocolate!  For Penang, we’ve added coconut to the ganache, and encased it in delicious coconut milk chocolate for a vegan-friendly exotic fusion of flavour. A new horizon for us and, we hope, for you in your chocolate adventure with us.

This is a vegan-friendly milk chocolate, made with coconut milk and does not contain any dairy.

This chocolate is available in the following boxes:

Product Information

This chocolate contains:
- Milk / Cream? NO
- Nuts? YES (Hazelnuts)
- Gluten? NO
- Soy beans? NO
- Soy lecithin? NO
- Other allergens? NO
- Alcohol? YES

Please refer to our Allergen Information page for more information about our chocolate products.

Additional Details

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