Below are some of the press coverage and articles on us and our chocolates. If you have any media enquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Feb 2022: Guardian / Observer
"Chocolate treats on a world tour"
Jan 2022: Hong Kong Open TV
"世界零食開倉戰" (World Snack Open War - Episode 12)
2002-02 Guardian / Observer Magazine Coverage 202201 Hong Kong Open TV Coverage
 Feb 2021: Daily Mail / Femail
"And all because the lady doesn't love Milk Tray: Don't settle for anything less than the poshest chocs this year. SUDI PIGOTT picks the best..."
Sep 2020: Expert Reviews
"Best chocolate 2020: The finest truffles, filled chocolates and selection boxes you can buy
2021-02 Daily Mail / Femail Coverage 2020-09 Expert Review Coverage


Jun 2019: Dark Matters Chocolate Reviews
"Interview with Albert Chau and Russell Pullan of Fifth Dimension Chocolates"
Mar 2019: Metropop Hong Kong
"細味一口苦甜工藝 朱古力品鑑"

202007 - 5DChocolates Interview by Victoria Cooksey


Jan 2019: Specialty Food Magazine
"Chocolate In 2019" (Interview)
Nov 2018: Confectionery News
"Fifth Dimension hits the sweetspot with three international prizes at chocolate awards"
201901-specialtyfoodmagazine-interview-250x250.jpg 201911-confectionerynews-coverage-250x250.jpg
Oct 2018: Hillingdon Times
"Ickenham firm wins three golds at Chocolate Awards"
Oct 2018: Expert Reviews
"Best Chocolates 2018..." Best Rare Chocolates
201810-hillingdontimes-250x250.jpg 201810-expertreview-250x250.jpg
Sept 2018: Candy News
"How the fine chocolate sector can learn from other craft industries"
Sept 2018: Chocolate Couverture
"Fifth Dimension – a British chocolatier worth discovering"
2018-09 Candy News Interview 201809-chocolatecouverture-250x250.jpg


Jul 2020: Fine Chocolate Industry Association - "EU Member Spotlight: Fifth Dimension Chocolates"

Mar 2019: RBS/Natwest ContentLive - "Hot chocolate: make your mother’s day"

April 2018: The Telegraph (online) - "Quality chocolate: six of the best, tried and tested"

Apr 2018: The Telegraph - "6 Of The Best - Quality Chocolates"

Mar 2018: Fine Food Digest - "Category Focus - A Full Larder - Chocolate & Confectionery" (Pages 26-27)

Mar 2018: Luxurious Magazine - "Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Places to Celebrate Next Sunday"

Feb 2018: FoodTalk Show (Podcast) - "Chocolate & Cheese Perfection"

Jan 2018: Argophilia - "Must See in Hong Kong this February: Chocolate Trail Mega Event at Harbour City Mall"

Oct 2017: FoodTalk Show - Food Heroes

Oct 2017: BDaily - "Fifth Dimension Chocolates are set to launch new travel-inspired treats this weekend"

Oct 2017: The Metro - "The Hot List"

Oct 2017: Irish Examiner - "Mustard, beetroot and beef dripping: We try the weirdest flavours for National Chocolate Week" (on our 'Meaux' Wholegrain Mustard chocolate)

Oct 2017: The Telegraph - "British Chocolate We Have Enjoyed This Year" (part of the article 'Why artisan chocolate makers are thriving and the best bars to buy')

Sep 2017: Hillingdon Times - "Hillingdon-based chocolatier to unveil brand new luxury creations at The Chocolate Show"

June 2017: FoodTalk Awards (Interview) - "FoodTalk Awards 2017"

May 2017: - "Fifth Dimension Chocolates remporte deux récompenses aux Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017"

May 2017: Watford Observer - "Hillingdon chocolatier Fifth Dimension Chocolates wins industry awards"

Apr 2017: Speciality Food magazine - "Finalists Announced for The FoodTalk Awards 2017"

Apr 2017: Street Eats London - "Easter in London: Menus, Gifts and Workshops"

Apr 2017: This is Local London - "Hillingdon chocolatier launches range of Easter eggs"

Apr 2017: Chocolate Couverture - "Easter Chocolates - 2017"

Apr 2017: Culinary Adventures of the Cocoa Nut - "The Best Chocolate Eggs For Easter 2017, Part 1"

Mar 2017: The Independent - "10 best Mother's Day chocolate gifts"

Feb 2017: The Chocolate Journalist - "The Main Virtues and The Daily Challenges of Chocolatiers"

Nov 2016: Luxurious Magazine - "Sampling The Fifth Dimension Becomes A Very Rewarding Experience

Nov 2016: Roots & Toots - "Christmas Gifting Chocolates: The Best British-made Artisan Selection Boxes"

Nov 2016: - "Multiples victoires pour Fifth Dimension Chocolates"

Oct 2016: Town & Country Fine Foods - "World Final Winners of International Chocolate Awards 2016"

Oct 2016: Street Eats London - "60 Seconds with… Fifth Dimension Chocolates"

Oct 2016: The Independent - "18 best luxury chocolate boxes"

Oct 2016: Street Eats London - "National Curry Week: Pick of the Best"

Sep 2016: Confectionery & Chocolate Buyer - "The Flavour Edit"

Sep 2016: Food Talk [podcast] - "A Speciality and Fine Food Fair Special 2016 (the first of three)" (25:40 onwards)

Sep 2016: Evening Standard - "From soy sesame caramel chews to miso mint chocolate: meet London's new sweet/savoury combos"

Jul 2016: Business Advice - "Fifth Dimension Chocolates: Inspired by classic flavours and a passion for travel"

Jun 2016: For Artisans - "Fifth Dimension Chocolates"

Mar 2016: Roots & Toots - "Le Club de Cacao: The Art of Eating Chocolate"

Mar 2016: Food et al - "Mother's Day Chocolates"

Feb 2016: The Independent - "Valentine's Day 2016: 17 Best Chocolates"

Nov 2015: DESIBlitz - "10 Luxury Chocolate Brands You Must Try"

Oct 2015: The Independent - "National Chocolate Week: 15 best luxury chocolate boxes"



Oct 2015: Good Things Magazine / Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut - "The Chocolate Show - The Makers To Meet, The Treats To Eat"

Oct 2015: The Perfect Man - "National Chocolate Week Luxurious Treats"

Sep 2015: Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut (Zoe Perrett) - "Fifth Dimension - Chocolate From An Alternative Perspective"

Sep 2015: BusinessForSale - "Interview – Celebrate Chocolate Week with Fifth Dimension"

Jun 2015: Hillingdon Times - "Hillingdon chocolate firm owner aims to get us all thinking small"

Mar 2015: ZoominTV World News [Television Interview] - "Chocolicious treats galore at London Chocolate Festival"

Jun 2014: So You Want To Work For Television - "From TV Professional To Chocolatier - There Is A Life Beyond TV Work"

Apr 2014: BBC Radio Bristol [Radio Interview] - "Martin at The Chocolate Festival"  (03:45 onwards) 

Dec 2013 (Updated Nov 2015): Rouse Partners LLP - "From Chocolatier to Award-Winning Entrepreneur"